April 08, 2008


Hearing the words in that speech might have made you feel a little uneasy...


Here's what he said in a CNN.com broadcast, March 19, 2008:

So when I am Commander-in-Chief, I will set a new goal on Day One: I will end this war. Not because politics compels it. Not because our troops cannot bear the burden– as heavy as it is. But because it is the right thing to do for our national security, and it will ultimately make us safer.

What I have talked about today is a new strategy, a new set of priorities for pursuing our interests in the 21st century. And as President, I will provide the tools required to implement this strategy.

That starts with enhancing the finest military in the history of the world. As Commander in Chief, I will begin by giving a military overstretched by Iraq the support it needs. It is time to reduce the strain on our troops by completing the effort to increase our ground forces by 65,000 soldiers and 27,000 Marines, while ensuring the quality of our troops. In an age marked by technology, it is the people of our military – our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen – who bear the responsibility for complex missions.

That is why we need to ensure adequate training and time home between deployments. That is why we need to expand our Special Forces. And that is why we must increase investments in capabilities like civil affairs and training foreign militaries.[...]

In addition, I will invest in our civilian capacity to operate alongside our troops in post-conflict zones and on humanitarian and stabilization missions. Instead of shuttering consulates in tough corners of the world, it’s time to grow our Foreign Service and to expand USAID.

Instead of giving up on the determination of young people to serve, it’s time to double the size of our Peace Corps. Instead of letting people learn about America from enemy propaganda, it’s time to recruit, train, and send out into the world an America’s Voice Corps.


What is he talking about, anyway?

We're not just talking about policies and differing views on social issues, here...we're talking about whether or not our country is safe, and whether or not we can keep it safe against its enemies.

We are on the verge of being left defenseless against all those whose major goal is to see its demise.

If Senator Obama becomes President of the United States, we will be well on our way to helping them to achieve their goal.

Perhaps, he will call me a "typical white person" but that man scares me!


Americaneocon said...

I'm convinced he'll wreck the country!

I saw this YouTube earlier, and posted on it. We can't abolish nucear weapons. The genie's out of the bottle. Some countries will always try to cheat, keeping weapons capabilities, and then when Obama's completely denuclearized the U.S. (neutered), we'll be at the mercy of some totalitarian regime.

God help us all.

Jan said...

Donald..for some reason, I'd never seen it before, but came across it a few days ago, while looking for something else.

Yes, I guess we will be the only ones honoring the ban on "fissionable material" while praying that the other countries will, also.

God help us all, indeed.

Dazd said...

What people fail to realize is that us being in Iraq right now, as bad as it sounds, is really keeping the WORLD from going into complete chaos and war.

Do you think that Iran wouldn't storm across the Middle East to annihilate Israel if we weren't on their borders?

Do you think that Hamas wouldn't storm into Israel if we weren't within striking distance?

We pull out now...we will fall just like the USSR did when they pulled out of Afghanistan. While they fell in large part due to economic woes within their infrastructure, losing face as a weakling among the super powers didn't help matters.

We pull out of Iraq now, we become the target of choice. Do people not realize that with them attacking us over there, we aren't considered a primary target here on U.S. soil?

Its coming...Venezuela, Iran and North Korea and the new Axis of Evil. Someone is gonna make a dirty bomb or a nuke strike and the US will lay ruin to those countries. And thus will begin the cycle of the prophecies of the Mayan's and 2012 along with catastrophic loss of life along with millions suffering. 2014 will be the rebirth of the human race but with a long journey ahead.

Jan said...

dazd..unfortunately, there are too many interested in their own agendas which are not in the best interest of our country. Of course, I knowm even as I write this, there are those who will say, "Yeah, GW,"..refusing to even try to see the real picture.

As the saying goes, "There are none so blind..."

And you know the rest of that story.

christmasghost said...

[un]Holy Crap!
is this guy kidding? we absolutely cannot elect this moron...we already had one [carter] and he is still around annoying us and showing his anti American and anti Semitic biases for all the world to see.
i think we are chock-a-block full up with idiots already. maybe obama should get a real job for a change? just so he can say he did...when he runs in ,oh say, 2044?
personally i think his chances in the general election are zip zero and nada.........

Jan said...

"i think his chances in the general election are zip zero and nada........."

christmasghost..one can only hope! :)

Richard said...

I'm sure your readers watched some of the testimony in Congress this week by Gen.Petraeus and Amb.Crocker. There were two generals who testified prior to Gen. Petraeus. They were General Richard A. Cody and General William Odom. These two men said pretty much what Sen.Obama said about the degenerating condition of the military and the threat to the US that staying in Iraq for an indeterminate amount of time poses. Their careers and credentials are impeccable. They agree with Sen.Obama.
Conspicuous by his absence at the hearings this week was Gen.Petraeus' boss, Admiral Fallon. The Admiral favors a quicker withdrawl from Iraq than does the administration and he believes that the US needs to start talks with Iran and Iraq. He's the commander of all military forces in the Mideast but the Pentagon did not allow him to testify....even though he'd been invited by the various committees.
Your readers are invited to look into the statements of these good Americans for themselves. What Obama proposes is not out of line with what these career military men recommend.