March 14, 2008

Obama's Preacher Says God Damn America

When I saw this today, I was horrified at its message, and the fact that it is possible that the next President of the United States is a member of this church which spews racial hatred in such a blatant fashion.

I posted on this church in October of 2007, and I think that everyone, everywhere, who cares about the direction this is headed should voice their concerns.

I am sickened, and disgusted, that the media has ignored anything that could adversely affect Obama's image.

Maybe, just maybe, some are beginning to see the real truth, and substance, behind his words.


Richard said...

This is getting a lot of coverage on the West Coast. "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" played this video and another of the minister attacking Hillary Clinton. Senator Obama appeared on Keith's show and repudiated the minister's words damning the US and attacking Sen.Clinton. [Barack first rejected this minister's rantings about the US and Hillary in Nov. of 2007. That wasn't brought up.]The pastor is retired from preaching and is no longer a member of Barack's spiritual advisory committee. He went on to say that in the 17 years he's known Pastor Wright he has never witnessed anything like this.
Barack said that because it was Pastor Wright who brought him to Christ and married Barack and Michelle Obama he was included in that committee when it was first formed. He said that he expects to be answering many questions about his former pastor.
This former pastor did indeed go too far. We need to keep this in the same perspective as we must have for the two radical ministers who have very publicly endorsed Sen.McCain. One preaches that the pope is the Great Dragon and a demon, while the other says that this country was founded as a Christian nation for the sole purpose of destroying Muslims. The Senator from Arizona has not repudiated either of those two gentleman. Let's hope that this kind of distraction gets past soon so that we voters can see the vast policy differences among the candidates.
[The Treaty of Tripoli 1797 makes a very clear statement about the foundations of this democracy and the absence of emnity towards Moslem countries.]
This will be a busy election season I fear...

Jan said...

Richard..yes, it is getting a lot of coverage, and it's about time.

I have heard all of Obama's statements concerning his pastor, and I find it hard to believe that over twenty years, he has never heard them.

As far as McCain, and the other two pastors that you mentioned are concerned, surely, you must realize that it is not the same thing at all.

The statements of Obama's pastor are filled with pure hatred against this country...Obama sat under this man's teaching for twenty years.'s another quote from Michelle Obama, which goes along with another post on here, which you didn't like. :)

“My lens of life, how I see the world, is through my background, my upbringing"..this is an excerpt from a speech she made in South Carolina.

As I've said before, we are all affected by our past experiences, whether positive or negative.

Richard said...

What I don't get is why are so many so ready to believe the worst possible things about the Senator and his wife?

' The statements of Obama's pastor are filled with pure hatred against this country...Obama sat under this man's teaching for twenty years.
[17 years per the Senator]
“My lens of life, how I see the world, is through my background, my upbringing".'

I had a minister who was gay. I had a teacher who was a flag burner...spewed out hate for the US. I worked for a woman who hated Jews and blacks with an intensity that was not to be believed. I worked for her five days a week from the time I was 11 until I was 16. That's 1820 times that I worked and listened to hatred at a very formative time in my life. If Barack went to church every Sunday for 20 years, that would be 1040 times that he listened to this man. Why is he filled with hate and I'm not? I was much more vulnerable than Obama.
In spite of the roles of authority these folks had in my life, I'm none of those things to which I had so much exposure. Don't they make up part of the lens of my life? Barack came to this man's church as an adult man. Why is it so hard to believe that Barack took the message of God's love to heart and gave himself to Jesus. Obama took the positive. Why must he also have taken the negative? There is nothing in his life indicate that he in anyway feels as this minister feels. On the contrary, there are volumes to indicate that he loves this country and loves our Lord. If he doesn't, for the reasons given above, then I must be a racist, Jew hating, gay, flag burner.
I'm none of those things and the Senator is who he says he is.
Thanks for reading this far.....

Jan said...

Richard..I think that you are missing the point, entirely here.

Of course there are people like you have mentioned, and we live side-by-side with them. There will always be people like that, and I am not saying that being around them makes me, you, or anyone else, just like them.

I did not say that Obama was filled with hatred, but his pastor, with whom he has had a close association for many years, is most definitely filled with hatred against this country, and speaks it from the pulpit, and no doubt espouses those same beliefs when in private company.

What I am saying is, that Obama, who is running for the highest office in this land, and should have the best interests of ALL the citizens of this country at heart, cannot give that impression while being associated with a person who clearly hates everything that this country stands for, and makes no effort to hide the fact that his desire is for a separation between the black and white race.

If a white man or woman presidential candidate's pastor spoke against blacks as Obama's pastor speaks against whites, they would have lasted about a week, if that long.

There is no need to keep discussing is like beating a dead isn't going anywhere.

I want to say that I am no way judging whether or not Obama loves the Lord..that is something known only by himself and the Lord.

Anonymous said...

If this guy feels this way, and he was such a close family friend of Osama Obama, then I think anyone with a grain of sense can draw the appropriate conclusion. Suppose the media discovered that McCain was a life long friend of the Grand Cleagle of the KKK. Would that be ok? Would people just say, "oh, he hangs out with him but they don't have anything in common?" I think not.

Jan said...

Hermit..or, if a white candidate's pastor stood in the pulpit and berated 'Black America' wouldn't be long until they both were ostracized, and forced to repent.