December 20, 2007

Just An Old Fashioned Christmas

I know that I have, recently, written about a wonderful memory of Christmas past, and I'm sure that most of us do have those fond memories. We long for things to be that way again, and wish that we could see through the eyes of a child again, where everything is good, and right with the world. We all long for just an old fashioned Christmas.

I have my precious memories, but now, as I write this, I just cannot get into the "spirit of Christmas" that everyone speaks of, and longs for, because try as I may, I can't get into that state of "willing suspension of disbelief"-- a semi-concious decision in which you put aside your disbelief and accept the premise as being real for the duration of the movie you're watching, or the story you're reading--because this is real life, with real people, with real emotions, and I am acutely aware of the pain which exists all around me.

This is the time of year when people try to achieve a level of perfection, which in most cases, just does not exist. They long for the perfect life, the perfect family, perfect kids. They think of peace on earth, and good will toward all men--that does not exist, either, and I can't pretend it does, because I can't forget that there are children going to bed hungry, that there are old people who are sick, and alone, and cold because they can't pay a heating bill and a prescription bill, too.

I am aware that there are young mothers, struggling to make a living for their children, yearning for some kind of normalcy in their lives, but knowing that it is pretty much a lost cause. I am aware that there are whole families who are next to being homeless, through no fault of their own, with no way out of their hopelessness.

I am aware that people are fighting, and killing each other, for no reason other than self-gratification, and I can't forget that there are wars where people are killing and being killed for the sake of peace.

I can't pretend that all of that is not happening. I can't close my eyes to reality and and pretend that this is a season when everyone is happy and satisfied, and loving his fellow man. I wish that were true, but I know that it is what it is, and I can't change it.

I am so thankful for what I have, and for anything that I am able to do to make things better for others, and I will never, ever, take that for granted.

My heartfelt wish is that all of you will have peace of mind, love in your hearts, and peace in your homes during this Christmas and Holiday Season. May it continue long after the season is past.


Michael said...

An Amazing post and I add my wish with yours.

Take Care

rockync said...

Hate and suffering are all around us and we can't change the world on our own, but we can change our world. Smile at everyone as you all wait in long lines, give what you can to the organizations who will do most good where you live, bring cookies to a neighbor you rarely speak to and while you're counting your blessings, realize that we still have time to make a difference as long as we are drawing breath.
Jan, I wish you a lightening of your heart and a peaceful blessed Holiday season.
Peace and Love

sue said...

Back to you, friend.

Jan said...

Michael, thank you, and may your Christmas be blessed and happy!

Jan said...

rockync, there are always ways that we can make things a little better for others, and not only at Christmas time, right?

I always have concern for those less fortunate, but at this time of the year, it is especially so.

It is not that I am unhappy, it is just that I feel a certain sadness, if that makes any sense..and I know that I am truly blessed.

Jan said...

Sue, thank you! :)

rockync said...

It makes sense to me, Jan, and it's hard not to be saddened by all the need around us. Sometimes I feel so helpless. I just keep plugging away in my own little corner of the world and hope it makes a difference to at least one person. I've really cut back on gift buying and I've let it be known that extra money is going to various charities. I make sure the grandkids have things, but we help out our sons all year as they need it, so they understand that we are also committed to helping others in our community. Like you, I can't stand the thought that someone will go to bed hungry or cold tonight while I have so much.