November 06, 2007

Rainbow, Soon Snow

Today, we are having snow flurries, and it is about forty-six degrees, with lake effect snow expected later this evening, with an accumulation of one-to-two inches. Right now, it is rather cold, and blustery, but just look at the picture above. That was taken only a few days ago,at the edge of our back lawn. I think it is pretty, with colored leaves, and the prism of rainbow colors, but soon when we look back there we will see a winter wonderland of snow, and an occasional family of deer passing through, and it will be really cold. Since I started typing this, the temperature has dropped to thirty-seven degrees, so I'm thinking that right now would be a great time to go start a pot of spaghetti sauce, and penne pasta. Salad and thick slices of toasted garlic bread sound good, too...along with a pot of freshly brewed coffee. Before doing that, I will light all the good-smelling candles, including some balsamic pine ones that I just bought the other day, and several others, all over the house, just for the ambiance. I don't know, but I really do think that I'm a fall and winter person--there is just something so comforting about being all snug and warm, and cozy, shut away from the outside world, enjoying all the comforts of home. If only everyone could be so blessed. I certainly wish it for everyone. I think that I appreciate it so much more, because I didn't always have it. I am thankful for all my blessings, and I never want to take them for granted. I know that it is so easy to do at times, when things are going well. I guess the thing to remember is that sometimes things do change, so it is a good idea to savor the moment, whatever that moment may be.


GUYK said...

I do enjoy the fall weather in my part of Florida..but I am a spring person. The new life coming up all around me..the mulitudes of shades of green..the colors of the flowers both domestic and birds in the nest..a new batch of tree rats chasing through the trees..insects by the wait..damn the fire ants...

Jan said... make me laugh! :)

Yeah, I remember the fire ants down south, too...they are hard to get rid of, too.

I think the springtime used to be my favorite time of the year, too, but for some reason I kinda like this season, now.

rockync said...

Summer is my season but I also get "homebound" as winter approaches. We get the wood stove going because I love wood heat and I light candles and just curl up. I kind of enjoy the break.

Jan said...

rockync..I love the smell of wood a stove, or a fireplace. :)

Desert Cat said...

I used to enjoy about the first month or two of winter back in Minnesota.

After January 1, the rest was a burden and a drudgery and miserable, and spring could not come any too soon.

My favorite month in the north country was October.

Now my fall weather comes in the 80's, and the depths of winter still see highs in the 60's.

I always thought before I moved here that winter would seem like a long, lingering October until spring came again. But December still feels like December of my youth, only without the terrible weather. And spring comes about March 1st. Yes! I can plant *beans* by March 7th most years.

Jan said...

DC..I really do like all the seasons, and I guess the reason I enjoy the winters here, is because I don't have to do the hard work required during all the snow!

I remember when I lived in California, that even tho the days were warm, sometimes, hot, in the evenings it was quite cool, and at times, even cool enough for a fire in the fireplace.

sue said...

I could be looking at a picture of MY backyard! :)

It has been cooler here, but no snow yet. I was just telling my daughter the other day as we drove to town in daylight, it has been so long since I've been outside while it as light the trees have really changed! Most of the leaves have gone... :(

The crops should be all out later today, and the fieldwork will take another couple of weeks to finish. Then I will be ready for a good, deep, snowstorm.

Jan said... will have to get used to daylight, again...people might start thinking you're a vampire! :)

Here's hoping you'll get to sit back and relax and enjoy the snowstorm!

The Hermit said...

Fall and Winter are my absolute favorites. Spring is usually wet and windy, and Summer is hot and humid. Spaghetti sounds good. We usually keep a crock pot with chili or beef stew going on the weekends this time of year.

Jan said...

hermit..chili is another frequent dish around our house! :)