November 03, 2007

I Know This Won't Win Friends, Or Influence People, But..

Have you ever just gotten to the point where you don't know what to think anymore? About people? What you thought you knew about them, but realize that their ideas, and ideals, are not the same as you thought they were? I realize that on here, in the blogworld, that you can only learn so much, or get to know a person only to a degree, but still, it is disappointing when you realize that you were completely wrong about it.

The more I read around on the myriad of blogs here, the more disillusioned I feel, especially when I see, sometimes, pure hatred for a person, or an official of the government. I know that we are all different, with different views of the world, and what is going on in the world, but I never knew just how profound it was, until I started reading the opinions expressed on some blogs, and some of the comments made on the different posts.

The amazing thing to me is, that you get an idea of a person, and their personality, and what you think is their general view of things, especially when it comes to politics, and particular issues. You can read that blog, and it will be general, creative writing, or poetry, or prose, or just general observations, or sharing of current events in the person's life. And then, there you are reading a blog with a subject which is not ordinarily anything you would find there, and not only does that rather shock you, but then there is a comment on the post from someone else which shocks you even more, because you had no idea in your wildest imagination that either of them felt such hatred toward an individual. I guess it is best not to mention religion or politics in blogs, or at least, best not to read them when you find them.

I don't like the way things are going, politically, in this country. I don't like the way that certain ethnic groups are behaving, and the direction that the politically correct crowd is trying take our country, but I do not hate anyone. I am disillusioned. Yes. I speak out about obvious injustices, and express my disgust about it, but I don't harbor any hatred in my heart at all--especially not against a president who is only human, and has done no worse things than other presidents, when you come right down to it. Not every president has been put into the position this one has, either...and who knows what anyone else would have done, in the same situation? It could have been worse, if certain other candidates had won the election--and therein, to my way of thinking, lies a lot of the discord. There are still too many who think, and want to believe, that the election was stolen, and until they see President Bush out of office, under any circumstances, they will not be satisfied.

No matter how high the ideals seem, of the politicians, and presidential candidates--it still comes down to the same thing--it is mostly about personal power, and as sad as it is to say--it is about greed. So, whether Republican, or Democrat, you really have no idea what you are getting, until they are actually in office. All you have to go on is what they SAY they will do, and that, very rarely, ever comes to pass.

Did I say that I'm disillusioned? Well, I am, and I hate the way it makes me feel.


rockync said...

Good thing the democratic process in this country allows us to vote for changes every four years. We Americans are a fickle bunch and you know that old saying, "You can't please all the peeople all of the time." The constitution allows us to speak our minds and so politics are sometimes hotly and passionately debated, but I too don't like to see people spewing hate amd ill will.

Jan said...

rockync..I know. It is unreal the animosity felt by some people, especially in the way that they judge others. Honestly, I would be afraid to say some of the things in judgement of another, such as I've read on here, especially concerning the president, and his morals, and his personal faith. I know that we have freedom of speech in this country, but some of the things that are said, simply should not be said. It is pure hatred. I guess I have been rather naive, but I honestly didn't realize that there was so much hatred in people.

sue said...

I try not to get into political arguments with people. One of the chief complaints people have is campaign promises not being kept. Listen...when these people, whoever they are, run for office...they don't know jack shit. Seriously. Once you get in the office, then I think you finally get to see the WHOLE picture.

Also, not ONE person is really in charge of our government. Yes, we have a president, but he/she is more of a figurehead than anything. Yeah, they have power, but honestly? How much. They have advisors they have families... they have lots of people around the WORLD with opinions.

It is easy to pick someone apart after they're in office. To say they screwed up. What's the old thing, 20-20 hindsight?

We all do the best we can to elect who we think will do the kind of job for our country and will follow whatever agenda serves OUR family and selves the best. Period. You are not going to please everyone. Nobody is perfect.

Okay... that's about as political as I get. :)

Jan said...

sue..that is some of the problem, I know, but a lot of the animosity in the country over the past few years has been about the fact that many believed that Gore should have been president, that the election was stolen, and they flat-out hate Bush. Period.

I try not to get into political or religious arguments, either, because it is futile. But I do state personal opinions, which everyone should be allowed to do, and that's's just that it bothers me to sense so much hatred going on, directed toward a person, rather than an issue.

I know I am just repeating myself,here in the comments, but it really touches a nerve with me, somehow.

Michael said...

I know what you mean. I am disillusioned too.

Take Care

Jan said...

michael..I think there is a lot of that going around, don't you?