September 07, 2007

You Talkin' Ta Me?

Well, no! But I am talking about some sculptures created by Don Mueck, including the one on the left!

Mueck is a London-based photo-realist artist. Born in Melbourne,Australia, to parents who were toy makers, he labored on children's television shows for 15 years before working in special effects for such films as Labyrinth, a 1986 fantasy epic starring David Bowie.

Eventually Mueck concluded that photography pretty much destroys the physical presence of the original object, and so he turned to fine art and sculpture. In the early 1990's, still in his advertising days, Mueck was commissioned to make something highly realistic, and was wondering what material would do the trick. Latex was the usual, but he wanted something harder, more precise. Luckily, he saw a little architectural decor on the wall of a boutique and inquired as to the nice, pink stuff's nature. Fiberglass resin was the answer, and Mueck has made it his bronze and marble ever since.

The sculptures pictured here are only a few of his many creations!



rockync said...

These are amazing! But a little creepy, too.

Jan said...

LOL...I agree!

There are others that I plan to post later.

Olivia Kroth said...

Yes, creepy is the right expression, rockync. When I looked at the first, I was shocked. There is so much fear and pain in the man's eyes.

The boy or young man crouching leaves a very discomforting feeling in me, too. He wants to be left in peace, hiding from the world.

This artist has a lot to say. I find his sculptures very expressive.

sue said...

I've seen these before...very creepy.

Jan said...


There are others ever creepier!