August 13, 2007

Yep, This Looks Like

Yep, ths looks like me this morning, after being up all night trying to figure out this doggone posting stuff.

It seems that I can get it written, alright, and it automatially saves it to draft, but therein lies my problem. Well, one of them, anyway. I can't get it out of draft for some reason.

Also, I used spellcheck to help me catch my typos, but I did that after the fact, and when I corrected the typos, which were highlighted, when it finally did publish...well, you can see the problem. Now, I just have to figure out how to get unhighlighted.

After hollering for help from my blogmamas, one of them being after she was sound asleep, I'm sure..I get up this morning, and voila there's my post, all published and everything!

Now, I have to work on getting the time adjusted on here, 'cause contrary to what the time stamp says on that last post, it was way after three, at least, this morning when I gave up on the thing.

Now, any of you guys out there who want to jump right in here...go ahead! I will take all the help I can get. I mean, after all, my blogmama has other stuff to keep her busy enough, without her squalling blogyoung'un tugging on her cyberskirt all the time.!

I would preview this, and spellcheck it, but I'm just gonna hit 'publish', and run like heck! Maybe, when I get back, it will be on the blog.


k said...


you GO, gurl!



Jan said...

Well, not really, k..but still trying. This stuff is all Greek to me, as they say.

By the way, do those zzzzs have anything to do with in not quite awake? LOL

k said...

heh! I say

It's all geek to me.

Yeah, I'm supposed to be asleep now. Sometimes when the pollen gets really bad, I sleep in the daytime. It helps a lot, although I'm not quite sure why. At night the pollen counts are much lower so I can function much better.

But! Yes I'm being naughty and up way past my bedtime. I'm emailing you about it.

DNR said...

ROTFL!!! Funny stuff lady

Jan said...

LOL..glad you enjoyed it, dnr...I aim to please

Anonymous said...

Jan, I came in to visit by way of K's. This reminds me of when I was first trying out Blogger. I couldn't seem to get anything right at first.

I'm liking what I read, so you'll see me lurking around from time to time... :-)

pepektheassassin said...

I've been blogging for almost 2 years now and I'm still dumb as a soda cracker. I can never remember how to do links, among all the other stuff I don't know how to do...but you are doing great!

If I didn't have smart kids to help me...well, you know what I'm saying?

Jan said...

LOL...yep, I know what you're saying!