August 15, 2007

A Wise Piece of Advice

Someone gave me a wise piece of advice the other day. She said just be yourself, write from the heart, and don't let anyone censor you. She also said, don't let what others think, cause you to censor yourself.
I've been giving that some thought, especially about not censoring myself. I almost did that in a recent reply to a comment on "Ignorance Breeds Ignorance."
But I didn't, and I expressed my feelings on the matter. However, I am sure, that there will be some who may take offense. I hope not. Because there is one thing that you will discover about me, if you continue to read what I have to say, and that is that I do not have a racist, bigoted, predjudiced bone in my body.
Unless, of course, you consideer the fact that I do hate unkindess, mean spiritedness, cruelty, and lack of courtesy in anyone, no matter their color or creed., or their strata of society. The color of your skin, or how many worldly goods you have, or how beautiful you are, are not your value and worth. It is what is on the inside, in the dark recessess of your own self, that place that no one else can see...that is the worth that matters.
It is on this merit that I base my opinion of others. I said "opinion", rather than "judge", because I will judge no one. God is the judge of all mankind, and He will be our ultimate Judge.
I guess what I am trying to say, is that I will express my feelings, and convictions on here, and I welcome you to do the same. I don't hold grudges, either, because that does no one any good...especially to the one holding it.
Now..that being said, I'm fixin' (a southern vernacular) to go fix some fried green tomatoes. I wish you could join me!


pepektheassassin said...

The day all life is everyone will be THE DAY!

k said...

That's a perfect description of how I feel, myself. Throughout my own blog posts is this statement: I hate unkindness.

At the same time, I recognise that almost everyone has some pre-judgement in their emotional makeup. I also try to not be bigoted against bigots. I'll sit and talk with them the same as with anyone else.

I don't agree with their bigotry and I never pretend to them that I do. Bu I also see that they sit in front of me as a fellow human being, and unless/until they go way too far, I treat them with the same courtesy and respect even while openly disagreeing with some of their opinions and/or character attributes.

Including *reverse bigotry.* For example, I've had black, latin, french Canadian and asian friends and acquaintances I said the same words to: no two people are alike, and no *group* is always good or bad, or better or worse, or fair or not fair. You always must take each person as they come.

Jan said...

pepe..Amen to that! But I don't think we will ever see it in the world as we now know it...what a great place it would be if that were so.

Jan said...

k...a little kindness goes a long way, doesn't? And there is a line that should never be crossed concerning all the subjects mentioned.

I think as human beings that we should be able to have dialoque, to get to know each other.

I know that that there will always be certain ones who don't like us, and who we won't like, but we can all be accepting of one another, as much as possible.

The thing that really bothers me is when I see the sick, disabled, the elderly, the disadvantaged in general, abused and made to feel that they are less than those who aren't.

No matter what anyone says...all life is precious, if only we could all agree on that.

DNR said...

I asked the same question on my blog some time back...
Why do I write?
- For comments; they’re nice, it’s comforting to know someone read and took time to comment on what you write. - Nope
- For hits; to see how any people I can attract and make my hit counter climb. - Nope

I write for me, things I think about and how they make me feel. Having done this for about a year, I’ve had reason to go back and it is great to read and remember my emotions of those days. Ultimately, I believe, if I write from the heart, I will meet new and interesting people and learn a lot about myself and the others that stop by.

rockync said...

dnr, I think you've hit on the whole purpose of a blog. Jan, it's your blog and you get to write about anything you want. We who blog hop and leave our comments are the interlopers. Some blogs are set up almost like a forum for lively debate and focus on a particular subject. Others are just people wanting to leave an imprint of themselves. I may not always agree with everything I read on someone's blog, but I try to be respectful when I disagree and hope it is taken in that spirit.

Jan said...

dnr..I like what you said in the last three lines of your comment.
That's exactly how I feel about it, too.

I know that I will always write from my heart, and it would make me happy if others realized that, and accepted me for it, too.

I, too, want to share thoughts, and ideas, and I hope that some of my experiences, silly, or serious will touch something in someone who might be needing it at the moment.

Jan said... are so right. We're all differen, even as we're all the same. The true measure of a man..or how he treats others. We may not always agree on every little thing, but we can agree that we have the right to disagree..and still be friends.

Livey said...

You are doing a fine job my dear!