August 18, 2007


Ladies, have you ever done this?

And guys, have you ever done this?

Of course, you haven't.....uh-huh!


k said...


Now anytime I hear a guy complain that we complain when he leaves the seat up, I know where to send him for a perfect explanation.

Jan said...

Hey...we're here for you! LOL

DNR said...

k - don't get me started... but let me ask you this.

In a house with 3 bedrooms and one bath and al 3 rooms are rented to guys. How come none of them fall into the pot before sitting down?

Jan said...

LOL..I can't answer for k, dnr, but I have a good idea...and that is that it's A GUY THANG...and that's all I'm gonna say!

sue said...

I FINALLY got Hubs trained... we now have more than one bathroom, and he considers one "his" and the other one "mine" and if I use "his" then I am well aware the seat WILL be up... and he had darn well better put the seat DOWN if he uses mine! :)

Jan said...

c'est la vie!

Guess we all have our ups and downs! LOL

k said...

I LOVE Sue's solution. That sounds exactly fair.

DNR, now I don't know if all those guys in the house are full-grown men...but if they are, may I presume that the size of their rear echelons make it much harder for them to fall in?

Jan said... might be from spending so much time ridin' around on those 'hogs'..LOL