August 17, 2007

No Greater Love

It'a really sad about the miners in Utah. It's sad about the ones trapped inside, but the tragedy has intensified with the deaths of the rescue workers who were trying to save them.

There is no comfort in words, not for the survivors of those lost in the initial accident in the mine, nor for the families of those whose loved ones lost their lives trying to rescue them. So far, three of the rescuers have died, and six are injured.

It is said that life is but a vapor, and I guess it really is. It is also said that there is no greater love of any man, than to lay down his life for his friends.


rockync said...

A horrible tragedy all the way around. This type of mining should be on the way out while alternative fuel sources are developed. There is work being done on fuel cells, solar cells and nuclear technology. If we keep the manufacture that would follow here in the US, displaced mine workers could be retrained. At least they would be a whole lot safer.

Jan said...

It should have been on the way out a long time ago. Looks like as many tragedies as there have been over the years, someone would have gotten a clue by now. But hey...the almighty dollar is involved, so there you go!

sue said...


k said...

Oh, no. No no no.

I've been away. I didn't know.

Jan said...

Yes...a real tragedy.
You have to wonder if it will ever be any better,though.