August 29, 2007

All That Is Required...

I read something recently about the UK removing The Holocaust from their school curriculum. It proved to be a rumor...a hoax. It was said that it was being done so as not to offend their Muslim population. Even so, there are still those who deny that the holocaust ever happened--Iran being one of the most vocal about it. Radical Muslims are not our friends--they've made that quite clear. Their one passionate goal is to see that all infidels--that being anyone who is not of their faith--are wiped from the face of the earth.

During that horrible time in German history, over six million Jews, and several millions of others, including Russians, those of Polish descent, Christians, and others who were considered inferior, perished. They were massacred, burned, starved, and stripped of all human dignity, all while many were pretending that it wasn't happening.

It did happen, and more and more, in order to be politically correct, we are bending our own convictions, and giving up some of our own rights, so that those of the Muslims, and others are not offended-- and we, as a country, are just going along with it-- in much the same way that Germany went along with what was happening in that country.

Several years ago, I met an elderly man who had survived the holocaust. The tattoo of numbers was still visible on his forearm. Each time I saw that, I felt a little that, and at the still troubled, fearful expression in his eyes.

Edmund Burke, (1729-1797) an Irish orator, philosopher, and politician said, "All that is required for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing."

I don't want to forget that it ever happened in my friend's country, and I never want what caused that look in his eyes, to happen in mine.


sue said...


Vin De Vine said...

no one who ever met a holocust survivor could ever doubt the human atrocities that happened.
It is sad how history becomes a product of political manipulation and rewritten altogether to soften events or divert blame. I believe in forgiveness, but I also believe in accountability and I don't agree with lying.
I used to spend summers with my Grandparents and sometimes visit with cousins. There was one in particular who was always getting into trouble of one sort or another. When he was caught (and he often was) he would cry and lie and blame others for his actions and his momma would calm him down saying "There there, it's alright, I know you would never do nuthin' wrong." It was no wonder he grew up to be a damn good lawyer and politician, but I always secretly hoped he would end up on the wrong side of prison bars.

Jan said...

You are so right about political manipulation of remembered history, Vin.

About that lawner/politician cousin of your? You rascal,you! :)

Olivia Kroth said...

For me, the Holocaust is an everlasting reality.

I lost most male members of my mother's Jewish family in the Ghetto of Riga/Latvia.

They were executed on "Bloody Sunday" 1944, when the Nazi Army marched into Riga.

My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother fled. And where did they end up? In Germany!

I wish they had gone to Sweden, the USA or Canada.


Jan said...

Dear tragic that you lost so many members of your family in such a horrible way.

I'm happy that your mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother fled to safty, though I'm sure that they have many sad memories.